Your path to insight, discovery,
and connection with the Earth,

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Why you, why us, why now?

Why study shamanism?

Because we are both aware...

that our cultures have distanced us from our Mother Earth

and even from our very own self.

You are on such a path.

You are searching, We were searching too.

Your instincts have led you to what we have also discovered: shamanism guides us home, back to our true self and back to our Mother Earth.

We all yearn to come home.

We charge a fair tuition.

Because you are not a plastic replica of every other human being.

You are unique,

We know from our own experience the difference in real shamanic training.

Learning shamanism requires many hours of personal mentoring. As you meet challenges and reach for your goals, we are right there with you.

It is because of this that we can certify your experience, understanding and ability when you are done.

We take your work seriously.

We are here to help you learn.

You feel the pull to learn...

We were like you, full of questions,

and a driving curiosity.

Aware that something wasn't right in our relationship with our planet,

and with ourself.

You have questions. Let us show you why we are the unusual school, The one that stands apart.

Write us and let us speak to our own experience with your questions.

Information About Shamanism

Practitioner Readiness

In shamanic practice, just as in life itself, the first challenge is oneself. Following this link takes you to an article on Practitioner Readiness at our public informational website, where you can find many more articles about shamanism.

Shamanism 101's public website is a good, solid place to start. Then, when you feel ready... join us and explore life and yourself through the most ancient and Earth-centered psycho-spiritual practices we humans know!

To find this article and more about preparing to be a practitioner, go to:

 Our First Shamanic Practitioner Challenge. Ourselves

Shamanic Practices

One of the most widely recognized of the many shamanic practices is sometimes referred to as 'Calling the Directions'. Learn about this practice, which at its essence is profoundly similar throughout the world, at Shamanism 101's  informational website where 'all things shamanic' are put forward so that you can start to learn about shamanism.

'Calling in the Directions' is a good place to start, with its nearly universal practice of ritual orienteering.

To find this article and more about shamanic practices, go to:

 Calling the Directions

Shamanic Reality

'Reality' takes some twists and turns away from how most people today make their assumptions about it! This is no more evident than in shamanism.

For instance, what is 'real' when it comes to shamanic healing? Shamanism rests on ancient, nearly universal, basic human experiences, as well as on the living experience of the present.

We invite you to start explloring reality by looking at shamanic healing.

Enjoy our article and many more at the Shamanism 101 information site, with

Shamanism and Healing.