A Welcome Letter from Steve

Welcome to Shamanism for Today

My goal was to create a shamanic training program that could provide anyone with an exemplary foundation, that could even serve someone in a professional practice should they choose to pursue it. Some people come to study shamanism to become professional healers, and others, simply to be able to serve themselves and their friends. In all cases, we deserve to have a ready and affordable access to learn how to provide shamanic healing, which is with Shamanism 101, something I set about to create. But, there is something more which is probably most important to me, and something I bring into all of my classes: shamanism as a profound and lifelong path of personal growth and healing. It is a psycho-spiritual healing path. This is what truly inspired me.

You see, as someone trained as a psychologist, I could not help but notice the many, many psychological healing processes that were involved in nearly every single shamanic practice I could find. Where I pivoted and stepped out in my own direction was when I took this and said... 'Hey, this is psychological healing... this is shamanism!'. Shamanism is actually, at its core, the basis of healing on the most profound, personal level.

Yes, the language of shamanism is different from the language people use to describe things today. Shamans talk of spirits and 'power animals', and doing things like 'soul retrieval'. To this I say, so what! What is in a word, anyway? The point to which anyone should be looking is not the terms that it uses, but does it work! And it does. It cuts right to the core of being human.

Actually, we can now study and learn shamanism in an unprecedented manner. The contemporary world has information and insight into the functioning of our universe that is new to humankind; information that our shamanic ancestors did not have.

Shamanism is not stuck in the past. As with all things in this world, we are in some ways always reinventing, seeking ways tp derive fresh understanding when the wisdom that we have is challenged into catalyzing new ways of seeing. Shamanism has always grown and adapted to meet the specific needs of an era.

Just look at Shamanism 101! This is a product of now living in an online world, where we no longer live in a tribal village where we could just saunter down the trail to meet with the local shaman.

And Shamanism 101 is nothing new, it is just our shamanic past reinventing itself once again. The shaman has always gathered the wisdom that was passed down, brought it together with the knowledge - and the needs - of the present. That way the shaman could serve their community as a source of understanding, awareness and healing.

My bigger sense of why so many of us are searching for courses like the ones we offer, is that all this teaching and learning about shamanism and shamanic healing is a timely consequence of our discomforting awareness that we crucially need to protect our Earth, reconnect with ourselves and each other, and mend the toxic disconnect between ourselves and our Earth.

I think there's no other way of explaining the big picture than this: we are being summoned back into a caring, intimate relationship with nature, with ourselves, and with each other. I believe it is from this deep interconnection that our original spiritualties appeared. In a world that is increasingly starving for reconnection, it is really a joy to be a part of helping us return to these things.

I welcome you to this training. The gathering and expression of this school, and the training and development of our teaching staff, has been a labor of love.

Thank you for becoming a part of this with us!

Much love and respect,

          Steve Serr