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A Path, Some Shoes, & Walking

The Path: Shamanism for Self-Healing

The Path is a course that is geared for everyone. This twelve-lesson series is the prerequisite to all more advanced classes, and was created to provide the foundation on which a personal or professional shamanic practice rests. If you sought for a course in self-discovery and growth that would at the same time provide an Earth-solid training base in essential shamanic practice, you found it.

Welcome to benchmark shamanic training: ethical, comprehensive and resting on personal growth. Enroll above, write us with questions, or learn more by following this link to:

The Path.

The Shaman's Shoes: Bringing Healing to Others

If you intend to try on The Shaman's Shoes, you have already been well along the path of self-healing. Your power, self-control and wisdom must be well-developed in order to learn such practices as extraction. You must be emotionally strong and insistant on self-development in order to undergo the ancient initiatiatory practices. You will encounter ethical and spiritual challenges because you are now ready to work with others. A Path (Level 1) is a prerequisite to Shoes (Leel 2). Register for The Shaman's Shoes (above) or go to this link for more information if you feel you are ready to try on:

The Shaman's Shoes

The Shaman's Walk: Becoming the Shaman

The Path and The Shaman's Shoes have pushed at the edges of your growth and development as a person and as a shamanic practitioner. Welcome to the sensitive and delicate world of soul work and the wild and wooly experience of the shamanic 'middle world'.

Follow the link (below) to find out more about a shamanic practitioner course that is strictly for the seasoned, ethically proven and power-filled person. A Path (Level 1) and The Shaman's Shoes (Level 2) are prerequisites for The Shaman's Walk (Level 3). Ask your instructor if you're ready for:

The Shaman's Walk.

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