About Us

We are here for you.

Here are just some of us. We are Catherine, Debbie, Raffaele, Deborah, Barbara, Dan, Kimba, Lisa and Heidi... We are here to bring you the very best of what we have learned, and we have a lot to give. We have 'walked the walk' and can truly help you find your shamanic spiritual and healing practices.

Our Earth and our mental and emotional well-being depends upon our remembering these things.

Steve Serr

“My aim was to create a shamanic school that could maintain such a standard as to serve as a professional training program, just as much as it could help anyone become a really good shamanic practitioner. However there is something that is probably even more important to me which found its way into all of the curriculum, and that is the shamanism that I know: a profound path of  personal growth and self-healing.

Shamanism is a spiritual path, of course. It is also a marvelous path of personal growth. This is what truly inspired me."

It's yours...

All of it. Let us gently guide you through the ancient practices that bring us back into alignment with our true self. Let us reclaim our original connection with our Earth as we step beyond what we already knew and reach the place where where we can be.

Welcome to the most ancient healing and growth practices we know, in a language that makes sense to us today..